BfR Combat Boots

The next step you take will be made safer with the world's first standard issue blast and fragment resistant combat boot featuring our patented technology

We believe a soldier's best friend, next to his rifle, is his combat boot. Current standard issue combat boots do not offer much protection against anti-personnel landmines. Our blast and fragment resistant combat boot with its unique and revolutionary technology is designed to mitigate soft tissue and skeletal damage to the feet by deflecting blasts from anti-personnel landmines.

BfR Combat Boot is designed to be used as standard military issue. It offers soldiers the psychological comfort of knowing that they are equipped with a measure of protection against anti-personnel landmines. Critical to the working soldier, it also offers physical comfort in that it is flexible and light and would not impede movement while operating in any type of terrain.

Available Models

BfR Combat Boot V50128

(10-inch Polypropylene & Leather Boot)

BfR Combat Boot V50138

(10-inch Polypropylene
& Sand Suede Leather Boot)

BfR Combat Boot V50168

(10-inch Leather Boot)

BfR Combat Boot V50188

(10-inch SandSuede Leather Boot)


Upper, Sole, Lacing System, and Weight


Outer Shell1.4 to 1.6mm full-grain, waterproof leather (with polypropylene woven fabric for some models)
Intermediate Protection System
Woven aramid
Specific density - 1.44g/m3
Tenacity - 230 mN/dtex
Modulas of elasticity - 90 Gpa
Elongation at break - 3.3%
Water-resistant laminate and seams-polyurethane materials
Waterproof membrane lining


Protective sole system
Lightweight dual-density rubber sole
Chevron or Panama outsole tread pattern


Eyelets, loop-hole hooks, and rivets for quick-release


Mondopoint sizes: 247-300 (See size chart below)


About 950g per boot (Size 270)

Size Chart

Frequently Asked Questions

Will BfR combat boots protect me from all anti-personnel landmines?

BfR combat boots have been shown to provide a substantial degree of protection against certain types of anti-personnel landmines at particular explosive charge sizes, the test was conducted under strict conditions where a test boot was blasted within the ball area and a test boot was blasted within the heel area. BfR combat boots may be less effective and/or not significantly effective against other types of anti-personnel landmines.

Do you provide any guarantee that injury will not occur if a soldier wearing the BfRcombat boot steps on an anti-personnel landmine?

Unlike "body armour" there is no internationally accepted standard test (at least to the best of our knowledge) for testing our boots. Just like no vest made by any manufacturer is 100% "bullet-proof", there is no way that we can claim that the BfR combat boots that we manufacture are 100% anti-personnel landmine-proof. Anti-personnel landmines are deadly weapons and we cannot and do not claim that the results of exposure to anti-personnel landmines will always be mitigated in a significant way by the use of our boots. Also, there is no way of knowing what type of anti-personnel landmine an infantryman will be exposed to. No two anti-personnel landmines have the same destructive characteristics and also in the theatre of war, infantrymen or civilians who step on an anti-personnel landmine may not experience the impact on the boot or themselves the same way as in the controlled conditions in a test protocol. We expect that BfR combat boots could mitigate, rather than eliminate, damage caused by certain types of anti-personnel landmines. The BfR combat boots provide better protection against anti-personnel landmines than standard boots.

Will I walk away from the blast?

Although the sole of the BfR combat boot was not penetrated or severed under specific test conditions against certain anti-personnel landmines, injury will almost certainly occur, but might be mitigated depending on the type and positioning of the anti-personnel landmine.