With over 20 years of experience in producing top-quality combat boots, WE are commited to

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quality Craftsmanship & innovative technologies power our

Military combat boots

We build quality into every pair of our boots by using quality craftsmanship, state-of-the-art machinery, innovative technologies and premium materials to provide comfort and durability.

Our boots are made by skilled and dedicated men and women with many years of footwear manufacturing experience.

Our Boots


The key of the BfR combat boot’s capabilities is its unique protective sole system: dual-density direct soling, rubber midsole and rubber outsoles feature nitril rubber with unique and customizable tread patterns.

Developed with patented technologies, the sole system is based on specially woven fabric bonded together with specially constructed sole and heel plates and heel plug.

Compared to single-density vulcanised rubber sole or polyurethane midsole and rubber outsole, dual-density rubber midsole and outsole provide higher wearing comfort, better resistance to hydrolysis hence increased shelf-life and better insulation properties against cold and heat.

Blast tests

Our combat boots were independently tested by the Royal Military College of Science in the United Kingdom against certain common types of anti-personnel landmine of different explosive charge sizes.

The test was conducted against what we believe to be two of the most likely scenarios. Firstly, stepping on an anti-personnel landmine at the heel and, secondly, at the ball of the foot.

Our test results show that our boots provide substantial protection against anti-personnel landmines, high-velocity fragments, debris, and hot gas streams created during blasts from particular common types of anti-personnel landmines at certain explosive charges.